Amount of food eaten by Chinese people between 1985 to 2010

by hael

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The graph shows the amount of food eaten by chinese people between 1985 to 2010.

Obviously seen that there were 600 people in China by year 1985 eating fishes.However there was fluctuation between 1990 to 1995,but plummeted every 5 years.Looking back to 1985 people in china were not fond of putting spices like salt in their dishes,as noticing on it there was a sudden declined of food consumption.

Looking for the meat eaten by Chinese there were only 100 grams consumed in 1985 and slowly rising every 5 years until it reaches 25 years. In addition to that it just doubled the gram consumed.

In summary,Chinese people were very conscious of their diet,as we could notice on their body structure most of them they are slims and petite. In a survey hypertension and obesity is not the leading problem in there country. Chinese people tend to eat fishes with low salt in their diet,wit a very rare meat consumption that is why people in China maintain an awesome healthy body.

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