Any tips to improve my score?

by Muruganandam

Hi Everyone,

I need your tips to improve my score. I am constantly getting around 6.5 overall score.

Here is my all test results.

Test 1 - L- 6.5, R-7.5, S-5.5, W-6.5 (Fist time, I just prepared for 3 days)

Test 2 - L- 6.5, R-6.5, S-7, W-6 - Prepared for 2 weeks.

Test 3 - L- 6.5, R-6.5, S-7, W-6.5- Prepared for 2 weeks.

My problem seems to be in listening and reading where I couldn't improve my score above 6.5. In my Last exam (test 3), I thought that i did well in both L&R but again, I got the same 6.5 score.

I need 7 in each to process my Immigration. Would be helpful if anyone provides tips to improve my score, especially in practice method.

Thanks in advance.


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Oct 20, 2017
Tips on reading and listening
by: Adey

For Reading, the secret to doing well is time management.

To achieve this, DON'T read the whole passage because most times, the answer to the question is within the first sentence.

For true, false and not given questions: if the answer is there 100%, then it's true, if 100% opposite, then it's false and if it's neither true nor false, then it's not given.

For example, "China was the first producer of rice".

Question: rice was mostly consumed in china.

Answer: Not given (though it's possible it's mostly consumed there since they produce it, but never assume).

For Listening, try to guess the answer before you listen to the recording. Write guessed answers beside your work with question marks on them so you don't mix them up with real answers.

Also, even when you think you already got the answer, ensure that you listen to the recording till the end because the answer might change.

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