Can anyone suggest how to improve my IELTS Score?

by Ekin bamac
(Kocaeli Turkey)

I sat IELTS exam four times by now. On my first and forth attempts I was so close to my goal. I need at least 7 for each module and overall band 7.5. My results are like:

1. R 7.5, W 7, S 8.5, L 6.5
2. R 7, W 5.5, S 7.5, L 7
3. R 8, W 6.5, S 6.5, L 7.5
4. R 7, W 6.5, S 7, L 7.5

I studied quite a lot, browsed nearly every useful Ielts websites including this website, studied from Barrons and Cambridge test books and even I went to an English language school in my hometown.

Generally people advise to check the marking criteria first but I know them. I read quite a lot of band 8 and 9 essays. And because of that reason in my every attempt I was familiar with writing topics.

I don't know from where to study and what to do. I simply lost my motivation. Can you suggest me anything?

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