Essay on Gaining Knowledge from Life and Books

by Jorge Mariño

Hi everyone...please, would you mind check and correct my essay?

People gain knowledge from life and books.

Which one is better in your opinion?

Our society is highly dependent of knowledge. Most important source of knowledge is books and experience. Even when, both are interconnected some people gain knowledge from one of them and others group of people gain knowledge from both of them. For instance, Albert Einstein could not have defined the relativity theory without gain knowledge, mainly from books such as Newton´s laws, for example. Furthermore, Mozart never when to school and just from his own experience composed most famous classical music in the world. Books and experience are instruments that lead people to gain knowledge throughout the life. In my opinion, none of them are more important than other; how important they are depends on each individual.

First of all, people who go to university gain knowledge from books. In essence, subjects such as mathematics, biology and astronomy among others are important source of knowledge embodied in books. For example, in mathematics students will learn about Pythagoras theorem, which is a methodology to calculate the hypotenuse and sides of a triangle, instead of expending long time trying to find an answer by themselves without use an existing methodology. Moreover, in biology is easy to gain knowledge about the human evolution thanks to Charles Darwin theory. In other hand, when we talk about astronomy, we think in the NASA. Further researches have been tremendously successful thanks to information written in books hundreds years ago. If were not by books, our life would be hard. In short, books are an important source of knowledge and some people gain knowledge from it.

On the other hand, workers, farmers, scientist and other groups of people gain knowledge from experience. For instance, workers develop skills through years and gain knowledge in areas such as driving, operating and maintenance, for example. Furthermore, farmers gain knowledge after growing plants. They will improve their abilities about the process and techniques of plantation. Next, scientists gain knowledge after finishing an experiment, for example. Summing up, some people gain knowledge after planning and executing a project or activity.

In summary, books and experience are abundant source of knowledge. However, if we put both of them in a balance to identify which one is better; it would be a difficult task. It is because everyone has different way to gain knowledge. While some people gain knowledge from books and experience other people, who never went to school, gain knowledge from experience.

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Aug 30, 2015
by: Anonymous

in your essay, there are some prepositional and grammatical mistakes.

Aug 30, 2015
essay correction
by: himasha perera

hi, you have well written and it includes many grammar mistakes. Pretty good but when you start and ends the essay especially the conclusion make it odd and attractive..don't let the essay just flow..make it dynamic with high standard words that makes the reader smile.

Sep 18, 2015
my comment on essay
by: praveen

In my opinion, you should state points of agree on why it is important to gain knowledge through book in today competitive world and should also say how it be disadvantages to gain such knowledge through practical life experience, overall we should comment we should learn in majority of cases through books

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