Essay on the causes and effects of living alone

by Hayder Ahmed
(Leeds, UK)

In recent times, many people are making the decision to live alone.

What are the causes of this?

Does it have positive or negatives effects on society?

Recently, the number of people who live alone is increasing in the world. Many people want to live far away from their families. There are many reasons for this and it is agreed that this have a negative aspects on the society. Analysing both the reasons of living alone as well as drawbacks of this on the community will show this.

Firstly, there are many reasons of why people decide to be alone and leave their families. One of the reasons is lack of relationship among members of family leads to a person to live alone. For example, when a problem occurs between two persons, who have a weak relationship, in a family. Consequently, these persons leave their families and live far away. Another reason is that many people want to be independent. For instance, recently many youngers work and make many that help them to live independent and then get marriage. Thus this makes it clear why some people decide to live far away from their families.

Secondly, as a number of people who want to live alone increase, this have a negative effects on the society. One of the effects is the social activities in the community decrease and the cooperation becomes weak. For example, the old people do not obtain a help when the relationship among members of society is weak. Another effect is young people when be alone may be attractive by criminals and they do crimes in the society because they do not receive advices from their parents. From this it becomes quiet evident that living alone have many drawbacks on the society.

In summary, many reasons make people live alone and this has many negative aspects on the community. After analysing the reasons and negative effects of this, it is predicted that disadvantages of this subject much more than

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Mar 25, 2015
vocab rectification
by: Azam

According to me

For instance, recently many "youngsters" work and make "a lot" that "enable" them to live "independently" and then get "married".

Mar 25, 2015
scoring essay on the causes and effects of living alone
by: Anonymous

Thank you Azam for your comment.

Please could you score this essay?

Mar 28, 2015
my views on this causes and effects of living alone essay
by: Teresa Fernandez

The essay is good, but be careful of mistakes like 'get marriage'. The correct way to write is ''get married.''

In the same way there are mistakes here and there. However' the essays format, the setting, the idea are good and focussed.

I teach Ielts in Cochin, Kerala, India. (mob: 9995071609)0

Apr 01, 2015
correction for essay on the causes and effects of living alone
by: Anonymous

First, in the second paragraph, i noticed a mistake in spelling, the paraphrase should be "make money"
instead of make many.

Secondly, i think the topic was vital and the writer was quite good in organising his thoughts and analysing the problem and its reasons.

Jul 23, 2015
same topic for my july ielts exam.
by: ben

I started by saying that everybody had the ability to make choice in life. Even God said he had placed before us life or death, we are to make our choice.

In my opinion living alone has a negative impact on the development of the the country. I said that people who live alone may not be able to socialize well and therefore not be able to make significant contributions to the development of their country. I gave an example of bill gates who through his ideas made necessary contributions to the IT world through micro soft because he was not living alone but was good at socializing.

please help. I need to know if i had a point or i was out of point.

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