Getting into university with IELTS writing band 6

by Nitivat

I just took my first IELTS a few weeks ago and I got my band as follows:

Listening : 9
Reading : 8.5
Writing : 6
Speaking : 7
Overall : 7.5

I wonder how much it will hurt my chance to get into a good university since my writing is quite weak. Should I retake the IELTS?

Thank you in advance!

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Jul 30, 2016
Getting into university with writing band 6
by: IELTS buddy

Hi Nitivat,

It's difficult to answer that.

Each university sets their own criteria for what they want a student to get in each module. So it varies too much. One place may be ok with a 6, another may not.

And 'good' is very subjective, so I'm not sure what kind of place you want to go to.

Also it depends what course you are doing - Undergraduate, MA or PHD.

Writing is considered quite important by many because obviously you would be doing a lot of writing at university, so it could make it more difficult to get into some places.

But you really need to be more certain about where you want to go then contact the university to check their criteria.

Thanks and good luck

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