Hobbies and Interests Changing Over Time Essay

by abdur rahim kutubi

Popular hobbies and interests change over time and are more a reflection of trends and fashions than an indication of what individuals really want to do in their spare time.

To what extend do you agree or disagree?

From dawn of the civilization, people have been choosing and changing their leisure time activities which have effect on combination of socio economic development tendency and styles rather than individual contribution. Although it is evident that modern society convinces the people providing popular ideas which have great interest, personal choice in selecting pastime activities should be given priority.

It is true that over the decade, in modern technology computers as a first priority are conquering the people’s mind to be leisure activity that is being azure in the society. The internet shopping, for example, is gaining popularity in Bangladesh day after day. To expedite the overall cultural development, such type of habits makes people more influenced than ever before. Moreover, watching satellite TV helps people to adopt which spare time functions can bring enriched our society ongoing fashionable style. People also accept the most favorable outfits that make them to dream in life. It is undeniable that popular cultural always dominates people’s life to pass their time with enjoy and entertainment. Because of available popular source of pastime activities, people are compelled to choose more rather than individual’s like.

On the other hand, if the modern science engulfs our personal taste, then our individual liking will be abolished. In this case, identity of a person might not be exposed and creativity is not supposed to be expected as per demand of society. Of course, to thrive the society, we should heed to blossom the innovation of individual works. Basically, different people have different types of choices that depend on their view. If it is given an opportunity to select the hobby, he/she will be able to provide the new discovery through individual liking.

In recapitulation, I am agreed that with the advancement of society, we have some influence of spare time activities rather than a person’s will. So, we cannot avoid the ongoing world.

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Mar 03, 2015
by: Anonymous

I am not very much sure of conclusion part !! But I found difficulty understanding the question a bit!!

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