IELTS Complaint Letter - Faulty Mobile Phone

by Dee

You have bought a mobile phone in a tax-free shop just a few days ago, and it doesn’t work properly.

Write a letter to the manager to complain about it and ask him to solve the problem.

You do not need to write your address.
Begin your letter as follows: Dear Sir/Madam,

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with a mobile phone that I bought at your tax free outlets on November 1st 2016. The phone worked just fine when I first switched it on. However, after the first hour of use, the problems started surfacing.

Firstly, the shutter mechanism of the phone’s camera seized to function and in addition to this the phone’s touch functionality stopped working.

I immediately rushed to the outlet and spoke to the representative who helped me with the purchase. I was promised that my phone will be replace in a couple of days. However, it has now been one week and when I contacted the shop again they said it will take another week to get it replaced.

I am sure you will understand, it is not acceptable to be waiting for such a long time for it to be replaced. I would therefore like to request that I be given a full refund should I not receive my replacement by the end of this week.

I look forward to receiving the replacement

Yours Faithfully


Please provide feedback for me on my letter about a faulty mobile phone. Thanks.

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