IELTS Complaint Letter - Garbage Problem

by Vishwa

Write a letter to the environment officer in your area complaining about the garbage problem in your neighborhood and say

- What is causing the problem?
- Why is it bothering you?
- Suggest a solution to rectify the problem.

Dear Sir,

My name is Vishwa Vinutna, a resident of Square villa colony. I am writing this letter to complain you about litter problem in our neighborhood.

The main problem is rubbish collecting van does not come regularly, because of this, the litter is heavily being deposited on the road. After, two days it produces bad smell that is harmful for us. Moreover, it attracts various insects and microorganisms. Sometimes, in windy atmosphere, garbage is dispersed on the entire lane, which makes the colony untidy.

This situation has worsened when one of my neighbors became sick because of awful atmosphere of colony. I am concerned about the safety of my family members and residents of colony. Hence, I believe this problem should be solved as early as possible.

To address this problem, I suppose that the rubbish should be collected daily or at least on alternate days to prevent the accumulation of waste. As a responsible environmental officer, you have to look into this issue and implement stern rules to avoid these kinds of problems.

I look forward to seeing a prompt action from you.

Yours sincerely,
Vishwa Vinutna


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Dec 05, 2015
My thoughts about your essay
by: Anonymous

Hi Vishwa:

It is not too bad but it needs a a little refinement. You can use more transitions and condense or re-state some sentences more clearly. Here are my suggestions (and please feel free to change anything - just what I would write)....:

Dear Sir,

I am a resident of Square Villa Colony located at XXXXXXXXXXX. I am writing this letter to address a serious problem with litter/garbage pick up in our neighbourhood.

In the past few months, the rubbish has not been picked up on the regularly scheduled time resulting in huge rubbish pile -ups. As a result, it has created a terrible smell and very unsanitary conditions. Moreover, the pile-up has attracted various insects and harmful microorganisms. In addition, on windy days, the rubbish gets thrown about the neighbourhood thereby causing further health risks.

My neighbours have become seriously sick neighbors because of this and I am concerned about the safety of my family members and the other residents of colony.

I trust that you will make this issue a priority since the conditions in our neighbourhood are worsening each day. I am sure you understand the urgency of this matter since it could have serious and tragic result which would not be in anyone's self interest.

Should this issue not be dealt with in a timely manner, I will be foreced to address our concerns with the appropriate higher authorities and address the issue with the media.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Yours sincerely,
Vishwa Vinutna

Good luck with your test...

Dec 08, 2015
by: Goodluck

Dear sir,


I; Goodluck ..... an inmate at the.... located at .... write to inform you of the challenges we experience due to the awful smell that oozes from the refuse dump that is located close to our rear window.

Sir, this problem arose due to the inability of those managing the garbage not to be able to meet up with their regular schedule of coming every morning to clear the dumping site. This which lead to the accumulation of refuse, forming a stench and subsequently leading to a lot of discomfort on those of us whose windows are close to this site. This if not checked may lead to an outbreak of epidemics, breeding site for mosquitoes or even respiratory problems.

We urge you to use your good office to call the managers of this site to order so as to forestall further problems.

Thank you.

Yours faithful,
Ohanube Goodluck

Dec 08, 2015
talking about the letter on garbages
by: AnonymouGoodluck

from the letter I wrote, it is obvious that for one to make high scores in IELTS exams, you must have a sound vocabulary (USE BIG BIG GRAMMAR WHENEVER POSSIBLE BUT ENSURE IT IS IN CONSONANCE WITH YOUR SENTENCE), check grammatical errors, and learn to write using speed and accuracy.

May 10, 2016
by: Anonymous

I am wanting to complain that I have notice trash being dumped by cars and in the parking lot.

I NOTICE that imitative hasn't been taken to pick up the trash behind yourself.

the trash dumpster are within walking distance.

To be respectful of your neighbors please do not leave trash in the parking lot visible to others that leave in the apartments.

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