IELTS Essay Cell Phones in the Classroom

by Deepak

It is argued that mobile phones and other electronic devices have no place in the classroom.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this view?

In the last decade, cell phones have become very famous and easily available throughout the world. Most of the students from across the globe have access to smartphones and they have been using these gadgets not only for study purposes but also for personal uses. However, I believe, the mobile phones should not be used inside the classroom because it distracts the pupils and also affect the effective interaction.

One of the main reasons for not allowing mobile phones during the studying in classes is it hampers the student’s concentration. As a result, the student doesn’t understand the subject matter and gets poor grades in his mark sheet. For example, during my final year of undergraduate studies, there was a good student named Hari who failed in his favourite subject because of mobile chatting during the lecture times. So, to make a student distract less from mobile phones, these kinds of electronic devices should be kept out of the classroom.

Another reason is a disturbance in proper discussion between teacher and students. Although the student can browse various sites using mobile data or Wi-Fi to get the information about subject matters in the classroom but he might lack to the point knowledge from his experienced teachers. In addition, he might waste too much time visiting the non-authentic sites. For instance, there are many personal blogs and websites where the student cannot get the relevant understanding of the subject matters.

All in all, despite having a few advantages of using the mobile devices inside the classrooms, the students must not be allowed to use their cell phones to have the long-term good results for their studies and careers. Furthermore, this maintains good learning and teaching environment for both the students and teachers.


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Sep 26, 2017
by: zaineahenny

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Oct 04, 2017
Essay evaluation
by: Daryoush Mohammadion

In my perspective the essay is written in a very clear and self explanatory method and full concentration on the topic.

Introduction has a clear opening, reason and personal opinion.

The body of the essay has opening statements followed by support and clarification. There are some reasonable sentence structures with accurate coherence and cohesiveness.

The closing statements are on time and fit best to the point.
Conclusion, starts off with structure and accuracy in supporting facts. Personal opinion is stated in paraphrase form with logical reasons.

Well done

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