IELTS Essay Visiting New or Familiar Places

by Karina Benoki
(Ho Chi Minh city, Việt Nam)

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Some people like to travel to somewhere new and different when they go on holiday, while others prefer familiar places.

Do you think there are more advantages or disadvantages to visiting new places?

Most people take a holiday every year during the summer, and when they book on holiday, they have a choice. They can go to a place that they have known before, or they can go to a place that is new to them to discover. This second option has positive effect to us, however, it still have a negative effect.

In my opinion, travel is about exploration. Although it is reassuring to go to a place you know, but it is less things to discover and eat. Example, you can have new experiences, eat new food you have never try, visit unusual scenery if you go to a new place. More than that, the most essential advantage of visiting new places is to develop the understanding of the world. Today, you can find and learn everything from books and internet, but the best way to find out and learn about other culture is go to a new place, discover about their language, clothes, music, and so on.

However, there are some disadvantages when you go to a new place. Firstly, it is more stressful when you plan for the hold trip, example, you have to book a train or a plane ticket or book a room in a hotel. Secondly, it is easy to make mistakes. Although you can find information on the internet, but the information is not always true. When you have been to a place before, you will know which restaurants and trips to avoid.

In conclusion, I think there are more advantages than disadvantages when you go to a new place because it will improve your knowledge and make a change. If you keep doing the same things, you cannot develop new and interests thing in the world.

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