IELTS House Sitting Letter

by Vadim Klimenko

Dear ielts buddy, please give feedback on my IELTS Task 1 General Training Letter

A friend has agreed to look after your house and pet while you are on holiday.

Write a letter to your friend. In your letter

• give contact details for when you are away
• give instructions about how to care for your pet
• describe other household duties


Dear Shamil,

Thank you very much for confirming your readiness to take care of my house and dog. I really appreciate your help as it makes my trip much more comfortable.

Please be informed that I will be in London till June 15th and you can call my UK cell number. In the mid of June I plan to fly to Chicago, so please send me a message via whatsapp if you have any question then.

As I said earlier, it's required to walk with the dog, Sher, at least on early mornings and on evenings. You may take the dog to the small park near the Baku-Astrakhan friendship monument or to the boulevard if you have time for longer walk. The dog food is on the bottom shelf of the refrigirator. Please give no more than one can of the food per day to Sher. I also want to ask you to water all flowers twice per week. The only exception is the flower at the kitchen, which doesn't require water at all. In the case if you find any utility bill in the post-box, just place it on my table.

Thanks again for agreeing to help me with these duties. I will be happy to do the same for you when you go for your holidays to Rio.

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