IELTS Letter to a Friend

by Farhad

I need my writing task 1 to be rated and corrected.

You have a penfriend living in another country and he/she is curious to know about the major news items in your country.

Briefly describe ONE news story that has been on TV, on the radio, or in the newspapers in your country, and explain why people are interested in it.

You do NOT need to write your own address.

Dear Matilda,

I hope all is well with you and we can meet each other one day. It’s always a pleasure for me to write you back. You expressed the desire to know about the major news items in my country. I chose the most important of them for you.

The presidential election will be held on June 14 in my country. Almost every TV channel and radio station is talking about it these days. The competition is between six candidates. Current president actions have led the country into international economic sanctions and isolation, which cost us the value of our currency. We have experienced the highest growth in inflation during his presidency since the beginning of the regime. People don’t have faith in the elections because the Guardian Council of Constitution -- a group of six clerics and six lawyers operating under the oversight of the supreme leader -- decides about qualification of registered candidates. But people also don’t want someone like the current president to run for the office. So this is choosing between bad and worse. There’s still a little hope left to repair the issues in the long term by choosing a reform-minded or a moderate candidate.

Let me know if you ever need to know about anything else. I am also interested about major news items in your country.

Best wishes,
John Smith

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Jul 06, 2014
by: Ak

I think it was perfect. Good use of vocabulary. Though I am not fully to judge, I think your letter was good enough.

Dont know what band it would fall. But i think shouldn't be below 7

Aug 01, 2014
Thank you.
by: Farhad

Thank you AK for taking the time. New comments are appreciated.

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