IELTS Speaking Questions, Part 2, Feb 15, 2017

by HN

Speaking Question, Part 2, Feb 15, 2017

I gain a lot from this forum during my IELTS preparation, so it is only right that I give something back.

I just sat for the speaking portion of the IELTS Test. The part 2 topic, to the best of my recollection, was:

Discuss two people you know from the same family

- who are they
- how do you know them
- how similar are they
- how has their relationship fared

Some follow up questions:

Who are more influential to children, parents or friends?

Do people become more like their parents as they grow older?

Other random questions asked during the beginning:

Do you wear a watch?

Have you ever receive a watch as a present?

Why do you think some people buy expensive watches?

Good luck everyone!

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