IELTS Task 2 - Banning Hunting

by sara cheng (

I would like to know how many point can i get if i do the essay like this?

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People have differing view on whether hunting should be prohibited or whether it is necessary commercial and cultural activity that should be allowed to continue

Discuss these view and your opinion of hunting.

Some people argue that culling animals is a bad activity,while others believe that killing animals is necessary.In my opinion people should not hurt animals for business purpose,for example selling animals skins,feather and shells. However,it is acceptable if people hurt animals to keep their tradition.

People such as Indigenous people in Taiwan,hurt for a number of reasons.Firstly,they argue that hunting animals is a cultural traditional.For instance males have to hunt animals to prove that they are an adult,and that they are good enough to protect a family and ready for marriage. Secondly,there are too many animals attacking some families and destroying their food sources.

However, others believes hunting should be outlawed.They believe animals can be hunted over and become endangered or even extinct such as the Bengal tiger and panda bear.The worst fad is hunting animals can disturb the food chain. For example,if humans catch a lot of fish sharks might be hungry and they might interrupt the other food chain,and it may cause lot of problem in an ecosystem.

In conclusion I think hunting as acceptable if people depend on it in order to keep their tradition,if animals are hunted for business reasons they must stop it because the ecology system and food chain might suffer a lot of problems if animals are over hunted.

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