Task 1 Letter - Asking About a Course

by Evgeniya Iv

Finding it hard to remember important facts and figures? Improve your memory in 10 weeks with our Memory Course. Places are limited and the course is available for only a short time.

You see the above advertisement for a course designed to help improve your memory.

Write a letter to the organisers of the course.

In the letter

* give some background information about yourself
* explain your own problems and why you would like to do the course
* enquire about the methods used on the course
* enquire about course fees and dates.

You should write at least 150 words. You do not need to write any addresses.

You should begin your letter

Dear Sir or Madam


Dear Madam Irina M.Orlova!

My name has quite known for you; I was your student in the High School. I am writing to you from Auckland University in New Zealand. Expected a good result from IELTS score I became very nervous as long as I have regular problem with memorization of complex sentence structures in the Academic Writing Tasks. To avoid from this challenge and keep a belief in myself I want to elect to your 10 weeks Memory Course by Mentax E-learning Technology between our universities via Internet.

Although I knew lots of books are describing what the main issue in memorization and how to remember in general aspects I would like to know deeper in due to many risks of misunderstanding of basic knowledges. So I am glad to get an answer what the methods you will use, explaining significant elements at Memory Course from you, because I read much information, occured in books I have known for many years.

Beginning to your course I narrowly forget about fee of lections and want to ask it so long as the course starts. What days do I need to connect with you by learning platform?

I will want your answer.

Evgeniya I.Ivanova,
Student of Auckland University.


Can you check my letter? As I understand it relates to semi-formal letter-request.

And, of course, I want to know my errors and what I have to fix and study.

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