The Use of Public Parks Essay

by Arvind Sharma

Although many people value their public parks, this space could be better used for other purposes such as residential areas for the ever growing population or to develop business and boost economies.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this?

Parks are important to our life; they give us clean and fresh air and gives us an area of jogging, walking and playing. It is argued by many that park space can be used for residential purposes as there is a need of space due to the growing population in our societies. I believe, not only park provides relaxation and greenery; it also takes us close to nature which is lacking due to ever-growing increase of concrete buildings.

Nevertheless, after hard work everyone needs relaxation and rest which most of the times is fulfilled by parks. The relaxing environment of park gives a soothing experience for anyone who is looking for tranquillity. For instance, I go to office every day and after returning I sit and relax in the park to cool down my mind from the stress which I took from my office ( Which is usually taken from my office). Moreover, parks provide shade in summers and can be used for basking in winters. People enjoy sitting under a tree or bushes which keeps them out from the hot sunshine in summer seasons. Similarly, in winters, people love to sit in the park to bask and to get rid of the cold waves.

However, due to the large area acquired by the park and growing demand for residential buildings there is a need to contemplate on the need of parks. It has been evident in the past that demolishing of parks and making space for the buildings is sufficing the need of residential space. For instance, urbanisation is increasing day by day and covering large which was earlier acquired for the parks. Therefore, it is discernible that space can be made out from these parks for residential areas.

In conclusion, I believe, parks are a useful part of our life, they should be demolished to make space for residential colonies. Not only they bring us close to nature, they also provide necessary oxygen and greenery which is lacking these days in the urban areas full of concrete buildings.


Please feedback on my essay about public parks.

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May 31, 2016
Fine writing
by: Anonymous


Firstly, be extra careful with your grammar. There are plenty of mistakes which can hinder you from getting a high score.

Secondly, your 3rd paragraph is confusing. Do you fully support, or partly concur with the idea of keeping those parks?

Finally, you should give more effort to write the conclusion. Don't just restate like that.

Anyway, it is a good essay, though.

Jun 04, 2016
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the essay
by: Anonymous


I really appreciate that you have read my essay and checked where I made the mistakes. You are right on the point that the 3rd paragraph seems to be ambivalent. I think that it should have been mentioned in the introduction whether I am going to write in the favor of having parks or against. I think that in the 3rd paragraph idea should have been extended.

I am bit confused about the task achievement. What if I do not write anything about the demolishing of the parks for making the room for others or for business, will this fulfill the task achievement?

Jun 07, 2016
The Use of Public Parks Essay
by: IELTS buddy

You are better to make sure you do address any points that are raised in the question as it could be seen to not be fully answering the question (thus getting a lower score for task achievement) if you do not.

So yes I would write about developing business and boosting economies.

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