A Country's Problems Essay

by vishal

Countries around the world will be facing significant challenges relating not only to the environment, but population and education as well.

What problems will your country face in the next ten years?

How can these problems be overcome?

Time 5.06 pm

Human being and related problems are such issue which is globally spread around the globe. The major issues are related to the welfare of human kind, for example , Poverty , Rise in population and Illiteracy are the least but not last , prevails in human society globally. This essay will highlight such issues and associated reasons with them. It also emerges with solution for such crisis.

Beginning with the point of such issue which are being faced by an every realm is Poverty, Population and Education. The rising population around the world is producing the need of money which is the big reason for any nation. Increasing number of people establishing the scarcity of resources. The further problems; like, Education and environment are dependent on population. This is very clear to understand that more people need more food , education, homes which can be bought by money is earned by the people . But more people and less jobs does not give opportunity to earn enough money. That is the reason, people could not think for education and environment and in next 10 years possibly my country will not have miserable condition .

Considering the possible way out economics suggests in my country is to break vicious circle of poverty by introducing investment, so that more jobs could be created and people can survive in the world peacefully. Many organisations like “International Monetary fund” evaluates the performance of each nation and provides fund to the nation so that Poverty and other crucial problems, Environment and Poverty can be resolved.

Home country’s government also generates revenues, from the Industry, taxes and penalties, which is used by the authority to invest and generate earning sources for the people. This is the one authentic solution which proves it best.

Based upon the above paragraph, it can be said that yes each nation struggles more or less the common problems like Poverty, Education and Environment. But it is not impossible and unsolved problems. The appropriate investment and right use of money can easily resolve it.

Time ends 5.40

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