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Accepting Refugees Essay

by Adnan Jhan
(Islamabad, Pakistan)

Wealthy countries should accept more refugees and provide them with basic assistance, such as food and housing.

To what extent do agree or disagree?

Develop nations should allow additional migrants and they are responsible for arranging the basic facilities like food and accommodation. I believe that, because it is a moral duty and the developing countries can easily manage their expenses.

The primary reason why wealthy nations should welcome displaced persons is that as human beings they can provide a helping hand to them. It is essential to help each other during trouble. Needy people should not be isolated from such terrible situations to face the uncertainty that might cause death. Moreover, most of the time in the world innocent people are suffering a lot due to the status of their living. They need fundamental amenities of their lives which unfortunately they would not get them. For example, countries like the USA and Canada to receive one million refugees of Myanmar and care about their basic needs.

Another reason is that high-income nations are stable economically and can help people who run away from war regions. Allowing more human beings and provide them food and shelter not affect their economy. Furthermore, it is beneficial for the country as it can provide more employment to the migrants who may strengthen the workforce. For instance, Canada needs more employers in various sectors such as in construction areas. Certainly, it would be a chance to get their labor requirement from the asylum seekers and place them into a particular field.

To conclude, rich countries should not refuse to provide primary aid to the refugees because it is a humanitarian responsibility and does not cause any damage to the economy of the nation

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