Advice from Young or Old People Essay

by Munisa
(Tashkent, Uzbekistan)

It is better for young people to get advice from old people than young ones.

Do you agree or disagree?

The biggest amount of the people thinks that old people can give the best advices to youngsters than people of young generation. Mostly they mean that elderly person has more life experiences than young one and it could be seen in many Asian countries. However, for teenagers getting advices from old people have pros and cons, which would be discussed in this essay.

Firstly, with getting advice from grandparents or fossils young people could achieve their goals in life such as getting married. Since our ancestors have already passed through such significant moments of life they obviously can give an important and even necessary advices as the duties and roles of wife and husband in the family, which could help to newlyweds. Furthermore, teenagers see the mistakes of their parents try do not repeat in their own life and do some kind of reaches, this is also considered as advice from old people, even there is a proverb “…learn from mistakes”.

Nonetheless, sometimes the advices of old people may not coincide with current conditions and time, because life style and worldview of people are changing very fast, day by day. For instance , ancestors say that young people could spend their time to read a book instead of wasting time with using phone; while, nowadays internet and gadgets have more benefits to improve skills. Although, these days some part of young generations also could have life experience and give some advices to peers, because life is not give experience only to old person. A little girl, who is growing in extended family, reflects as an adult, and it is obvious that her friends might get advice from her.

In conclusion, advice could be given from old and young generation too, such as people in both of age might be experienced from life. In my opinion we should get all of the advices which have benefits for us.

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