Benefits of Nuclear Technology Essay

by Raj

The threat of nuclear weapons maintains world peace and nuclear power provides cheap and clean energy. The benefits of nuclear technology far outweigh the disadvantages.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

As being the prominent and one of the most powerful technique, Administrative bodies of across the globe utilizes nuclear technology for its own benefits. Although, nuclear weapons are one of the most integral parts of maintaining world’s peace, however policy makers debate whether the advantages of nuclear technology surpass the disadvantages. Mainly, because of its benefits such as public protection and cheap energy sources, clears the air why advantages of using nuclear technology way outweigh the disadvantages.

Nuclear technology presents a vital role for public protection since it has the direct correlation with the safety with citizens all over the world. To clarify this, many strong and powerful countries like USA, Russia, India and China have nuclear weapons made from nuclear technology and utilize this whenever a very dangerous and harmful war happens between countries to save its own people. For example, in 1965, in China-India war, India utilized nuclear atom against China to shield its people.

It can be also used for producing various energies, which plays beneficial role for human’s life. It helps to generate cheap and clean energy. For example, in the year of 1998, Russia manufactured cold water refinement energy, which helps to clean and cold water to its citizens with very low-cost money.

Although disadvantage such as explosion with the misuse of nuclear technology, however its use as public protection and useful source for energy surpassing all of its disadvantages. In future, Governments from all across the world should need to utilize more nuclear technology in a correct way to explore more benefits for human beings with keeping in mind, that any misuse must be avoided.

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