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Oct 07, 2013
Challenging IELTS Speaking Score
by: IELTS buddy


Yes you can challenge the score, but you have to pay for it and it is about the same price as taking the test again I believe. Check with BC.

So a lot of people just retake the test.


Oct 07, 2013
Requiring info
by: Anonymous

Hi ,

I am in the similar situation .

6.5 bands in writing and speaking. Shall I go for a remarking or not?

Apr 22, 2014
it's all about the money
by: Belinda

I find it disgraceful that a candidate has to pay to challenge their IELTS score. I have students who have paid a lot of money to continuously re-set their IELTS due to low scores. They have really progressed, yet their scores are going down!

Of course this is expensive and quite frankly I believe it's all about the British council making money by forcing students to re-sit their test in order to achieve their desired score.

I do not personally believe that, non-native English speakers are in any position to grade ESL students, especially on their spoken English, when so many have terrible accents (I speak from experience) as I live in the Middle East and I am a highly qualified English teacher with forty years of experience.(if I wanted to learn Arabic, I wouldn't ask a Chinese man to teach me!!) Now I discover to my disgust that to query a students marks, he has to to pay MORE MONEY!

Of course if it is the same price as the test, most students will just re-book a new test. I would like to know WHO, if anyone monitors the examiners?

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