Cement Making and Concrete Production

by Elshan Salayev
(Baku, Azerbaijan)

IELTS Academic TASK1. I got it from Cambridge Book for IELTS Exams 8.

IELTS Academic TASK1. I got it from Cambridge Book for IELTS Exams 8.

Hello, my friends.

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The following diagrams illustrate devices and procedures required to produce cement and concrete.

Firstly, cement consists of the two raw materials (limestone and clay) that are transformed into powder by the means of the crusher. Following this, these elements enter the mixer, and, afterwards, are transported into the rotating mechanism where they are exposed to heat. Finally, the resources are ground into fine particles prior to the packaging of the product in the bags.

Secondly, the 4 materials in various proportions are employed to create concrete. To illustrate this, gravel constitutes 50%, whereas only 10% of water is needed. The only mechanism utilized for the production of concrete is the mixer revolving clockwise with gravel, sand, cement and water inside.

Lastly, there are some similarities and differences in the described processes. For instance, the rotating devices are used in both cases. Nevertheless, raw materials are heated only for making cement.

To summarize, even though only concrete needs to be heated, both products consist of various materials that are mixed by special devices.

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Nov 11, 2018
Cement and concrete production
by: Anonymous

Good trial. A 6.5 from me.
Avoid using a term more than once - mechanism
Good conclusion but concrete does not need 'heating'
Good approach in comparing the processes:
Lastly, improve on your language generally.

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