Cement Making Process

by Shiny Star

The two diagrams given, show the whole process of cement making and concrete production. Overall the cement making process involves several steps (crushing, mixing heating and grinding) to make cement from limestone and clay. Whereas concrete making process just involves the mixing of various elements (cement, sand, gravel and water) in a proper portion to be mixed well to make concrete.

In cement production, limestone and clay are crushed together initially through a machine called crusher. The powdered form of the elements are then mixed together well through mixer and is heated in a rotating heater at a fixed temperature. The heated powder is then finally grinded into a fine and smooth powder form. The prepared cement is then packed in bags.

On the other hand, concrete making is a simple procedure of mixing 15% cement, 25% sand, 50% gravel (also called small stones) and 10% water. All the items are mixed well together, for an appropriate time, in a concrete mixer.

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