Clarification of Discuss Two Opinion Type Essays

by Joyce
(Nigeria )

Am going to write my IELTS in two weeks time, I have read and practiced with materials but I still don't feel confident when it comes to some types of task 2 essay, especially discuss both view and give your opinion.

I believe each paragraph should have a single idea & I prefer writing 2 body paragraphs.

Then where will I give my opinion, as the second paragraph will contain the second view?

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Nov 26, 2017
Discuss Two Opinion Type Essays
by: IELTS buddy

For these types of essays you have a few options. The best way to explain it is by pointing you to some model essays.

You could simply put your opinion in the conclusion:

Childcare Essay

In that essay, the opinion of the writer reflects what is said in the second body paragraph.

You could have a whole separate third paragraph with your opinion if you wanted. The opinion could be completely different to the previous two body paragraphs:

Reducing Crime Essay

With that one you have to be careful you don't just repeat what you have said in one of the body paragraphs before.

You could very clearly make the second body paragraph your opinion, then you just summarise this again in the conclusion:

Animal Rights Essay

So as you see, there is a variety of ways you can do it. It's really up to you.

You must very clearly though at some point give your opinion.

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