Closing of Football Ground

by Mercy
(Lagos, Nigeria)

The local council is planning to close a football ground down near you because it is in disrepair. You and other residents disagree with this and want them to keep it. Write a letter to the council. In your letter:

Explain why the football ground is not being used
Explain why the ground is important
Explain the wider benefits

Dear Ma,

My name is Mercy Uti, and I am a resident of the community with the football ground you want to close down.

The reason the football ground is not being used as often, is due to it’s horrendous and unclean condition. There are really thick weeds in the surroundings and this could be a comfortable spot for reptiles to live in. There’s also, a busted pipe in the corner and this causes constant spillage in the area and makes the ground very slippery too.

The football ground was created to help as a rehabilitation center for the teenagers and children in that area, who were going through rough times at home and in school. We have heard of success stories of children who became professional footballers from training in that playground.

Refurbishing and frequent maintenance of the football ground will attract an increase in people using the ground (resident and non resident). This will in turn, reduce crimes in our community and near by communities as well.

I would appreciate if you reconsider the closing down of the football ground.

Yours Faithfully,

Mercy Uti

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