Complaint to a Sports Centre


Complaint to a Sports Centre

Complaint to a Sports Centre

There is a problem with the changing rooms in the sports centre that you visit. You have complained several times but with no success.

Write a letter to the manager of the sports centre. In your letter:

- Describe what the problem with the changing room is
- Say what happened the last times you complained
- Explain what you want the manager to do

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to you, to lodge a complaint, about the state of the changing rooms in your sport facility.

I have been registered to you center for six months now. My first two months, using your facilities were excellent. However, in the past four months, I have been very dissatisfied, about the fact that, most of, if not all of the changing rooms, have faulty doors. their locks no longer work properly.

I had initially laid complains, on two separate occasions at the customer service desk. However, this issue has still not be resolved. At the first instance, I was just told, that the locks were going to be fixed at the end of the month, but that was over two months ago.

Notwithstanding, a week ago, I went to lodge the same complain, and also explain, that they had promised and failed to fix the locks over two months ago; and I was told that, I did not follow the proper procedure. I therefore filled out a form with details of the fault, and returned it to be handled appropriately. I am disappointed to say, this problem, has still not be resolved.

I will kindly request that you, personally handle this issue. I will like for the locks to be repaired, or preferably replaced, as the old ones, seem to be of low quality. If this is not done, by the end of this month, I am afraid, I will have to cancel my membership with your sports center.

I look forward to hearing from you, with an explanation of why the locks, have not been fixed, and a resolution to this problem.

Yours faithfully,
Susan Wright

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