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Jun 29, 2018
Confusing Essay Type
by: IELTS buddy

Many essays do fit a certain pattern. For example:

- Agree / disagree
- Discussing two opinions
- Problem solution
- Cause effect

I prefer to label them like that but some people prefer to label them as a Discussion Essay or Argument Led Essay etc.

But not all essays fit the first list I gave you. You are discussing a topic, so it could be called a discussion essay.

But the point is you should not get obsessed with trying to find a label for it or an essay type.

If it doesn't fit those first ones I gave you, which you will be able to see immediately, then just answer the questions.

You'll waste time trying to find a label and that won't help you with that essay. You are clearly asked two things so just answer each one in a separate body paragraph.

Body One

How true is this statement?

So say to what extent you agree with it - to make it easy just pick one opinion i.e. you agree, and say why people don't care and why price is what they care about (of course you could do a separate body paragraph for each of those points).

Body 2

What influences people when they buy food?

Just say what other things make people buy certain foods apart from price (as you have already mentioned that) e.g. adverts, personal preferences etc.

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