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Death of Newspapers Essay

by Nia Georgieva

Newspapers Essay

Newspapers Essay

In the future, nobody will buy printed newspapers or books because they will be able to read everything they want online without paying.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

After some years, people will not anymore face the need of buying books, printed newspapers or magazines, because the online network will be so developed that they could freely be able to read and gather all of the information needed online without paying a penny. I fully agree that in the near future the paper resource of information which is currently the main one, will be replaced by the easier and more convenient online method.

Firstly, printed newspapers and books are no longer up-to-date, nowadays. Due to Corona virus, people have been obliged to stay particularly at their homes, which has led to times more people consuming information from online news, rather than from the traditional paper resources. What’s more is that everyone is aware that the information on the internet is more efficient, as well as better represented and organised. For example, you can find whatever you want on the net just with one click of your mouse and it doesn’t depend on which sphere of life your search concerns. Whilst if your newspaper is about horse riding , but you want to check the newest models of cars on the global market, it’s impossible to do so and then you have to buy another newspaper about cars, meaning few dollars more.

Secondly, the present’s trend in recycling and acting in a more eco-friendly way will for sure reduce the producing of paper, including both books and newspapers, which, on the other hand, will increase their online version demand. For this reason every kind of paper-delivered information will be replaced by information delivered online through our computers and telephones. For instance, one step further of the eco-friendly people’s mind could be the usage of online students books saved in pdf format, instead of the commonly spread paper books. Not only this, but the fact that almost every school this year is working online, with students attending all of their classes through the network , gives us a clear need for more online information than the paper-delivered.

In conclusion, I think that if we take the time machine and go into the far future, we shouldn’t be surprised if we see people using the internet as the only source of information, without any kind of need for buying newspapapers which cost money.

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