Do we add adjectives in IELTS Reading gap fills?

by Franky
(South Africa)

Should you always include the adjectives (if applicable) when completing sentences?

When we have to complete sentences or summaries using only words from the text, I am a bit unsure if we should always include the adjectives. For example, consider the following incomplete sentences, with the model answers next to them.

1) "The signal for evacuation will normally be several ……………….." - "short bell rings"

2) "If possible, students should leave the building by the ……………….." - "nearest staircase"

3) They then walk quickly to the ……………….. ."-" (paved) quadrangle (area)/quad"

4) "If there is an emergency at lunchtime, students gather in the quad in ……………….. and wait for their teacher." - "(their) home-room groups"

What if my answers were as follows :

1) " bell rings"

2) " staircase"

3) "paved quadrangle area"

4) "their groups"

With the exception of number 3, will all my answers be marked wrong because I didn't include the necessary adjective?

Will there ever be a case where we have to leave out the adjective from the text?


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Feb 04, 2018
Adjective in reading gap fills
by: IELTS buddy

The first thing you need to think about is the instructions.

If it says for example answer with 'two words only' then 'short bell rings' will be wrong. You'd have to have 'bell rings'.

But with that example, if you are given three words then my recommendation would be to use the adjective. You can't be sure what is in the answer key and if they decided for the answer they think the adjective is important (it may be in some cases but not others), you'll get marked wrong.

So basically if the word limit allows you to use the adjective, then use it (assuming it fits grammatically into the gap of course). But if it will not fit as you'll go over the word limit, then do not use it. Also do not use it if it will not fit grammatically.

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