Essay on Building Railways or Roads

by Inna

Governments should spend more money on railways rather than roads.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Since time immemorial, people try to find the most effective way for transferring goods as well as for travelling. Some of them prefer to use railways, another find more advantages by car driving. Whilst, I believe that there are strong arguments on both sides, I would suggest that it is more beneficial for national authorities to invest in railways building.

Nobody can deny that spending money on roads is more profitable for government. First, all materials, which are necessary for such building, are usually cheaper to purchase than, for example, to buy rails or trains. It also should be noticed that during next five or ten years authorities could spend less money on roads reconstruction or repair. Moreover, the speed of the roads building is the factor of utmost importance. Due to the spending less time for the road creation, government, for example, can efficiently deliver all necessity goods and help to the citizens who suffer from earthquake or storm.

Turning to the other side of the argument, railways continue to show their potential in developed countries. Modern trains, which are used only electricity, have a positive impact on our environment. Japan is the best example of how rational using of railways helps government to develop all areas of the country. New trains could be used by more than thousands people per hour, which allow workers to drive to their factories and offices at any part of the country. Despite the fact that the newest train’s speed is about 600 km per hour, Japanese railways are safety and very convenient.

To conclude, both railways and roads have advantages and disadvantages for counties. However, I strongly believe that if the governments have enough money they should invest in railways rather than in roads, because modern trains are more reliable and faster than cars or buses. In long term perspective national authorities will spend less on environment protection as well as on attracting labor in small cities.

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