Essay on Loss of National Identities

by Inna

Some people think the increasing business and cultural contact between countries brings many positive effects. Others say it causes the loss of national identities.

Discuss both of these views and give your own opinion.

Since time immemorial, different countries collaborate with each other for improving their social, political, and economic situations in the cities. Nobody can deny that such cooperation could lead to negative consequences as well. Whilst, I believe that there are strong arguments on both sides, I would suggest that development of international contacts has impact that is more positive.

There are number of reasons why countries have to work together.
First, not every country has enough natural and capital resources for effective development. That’s why, trade with each other is an essential part of their everyday operations. Another issue is that the immigration is the factor of utmost importance, which has led to the global surge in economic development. Only professionals can support an appropriate level of bank system working or, for instance, education sector.

Turning to other side of argument. Collaboration between countries has also a negative influence. For example, after massive migration people with different values, level of income, and attitude to the national authorities begin to live as neighbors. By everyday communication, they continue to lose their roots, to acquire new habits or even to forget their mother language. All of this could probably be a cause of losing national identities of the citizens or some developing countries could disappear with their unique history and traditions.

To conclude, I strong believe that advantages of increasing contacts between countries outweigh the negative influence of this collaboration. It would be impossible for some nations to continue their development in various spheres without such cooperation. That’s why, this part of globalization is efficient and has a positive effect on all countries, as long as it used intelligently.

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