Essay on Planning for the Future or Living in the Moment

by gagandeep

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Some people consider thinking about and planning for the future to be a waste of time. They argue that people should simply live in the moment.

Do you agree or disagree?

Planning about the future has been the most crucial aspect of human life. Some people argue that instead of worrying about the future, we should live in the present. This notion certainly has its own benefits, but I believe that making strategies for the future is more advantageous for a person who wants to succeed in his life.

Undoubtedly, planning for the future keeps a person motivated and ambitious throughout his lifetime. In other words, an individual with clear goals and objectives of his career will work hard towards achieving it. For instance, my friend succeeded in IAS exam recently because he planned for this career well in advance at high school itself. Hence, this is a fact beyond suspicion that people who plan ahead are the ones who really taste the fruit of success.

Moreover, creating a blueprint for the times ahead encourages a person to save money for investment in future projects, be it their business goals or their children’s education. Also this preserved money could help them in their difficult times that may be destined ahead in their life. For example, my money saving pattern from past few years has enabled me to spend it for my child’s treatment of an autoimmune disorder.

However some people assert that planning about the future is quite stressful and therefore living in the present keeps them happy and contented. Also if they are destined to receive or loose something, they need not to worry for that. But preparing oneself for the good or bad times ahead surely helps them to cope up better.

In conclusion, even though future planning may be a bit stressful job, but I believe that in the long term, is the key to success . It is rightly said, that if you woke up without a goal, it is better to go back to sleep.


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