by Anji
(Pune Mh India )

Hi friends I am Anji from India.... Want to improve my English speaking skills... So please help me.. I mostly prefer females / girls who can make me fluent in English

My phone number / Whatsapp number is +91-7013368321

Thanks and regards

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Mar 05, 2019
by: Hamza


i am preparing for ielts test scheduled on 6 April 2019. If anybody interested to have speaking practices with me, kindly let me know.



Mar 06, 2019
Speaking partner
by: Anonymous

Hi Anji even I am looking for the speaking partner if you are interested plz reach me on my mail I’d

Mar 11, 2019
I’m looking for ielts speaking partners
by: Amanda

Hi. Everyone. My name is Amanda
I’m looking for ielts speaking partners.
If you want to practice Ielts speaking too.
Ad my Skype: shao417

Mar 17, 2019
speaking partner
by: Ratnesh

Hello Everyone.My Name is Ratnesh and i am looking for speaking partner for ielts course.
if any one wants to pratices with me.
add my skype:9731455224.

Mar 18, 2019
IELTS speaking practice
by: Aravind

Hi All,

I am writing my IELTS exam on June 1st, previously I wrote 8 times where I am loosing my mark in Writing:6.5, but constantly I got speaking 7 and three times 8 , So I want to continuously practice where I do not want to loose focus. Please ping me my wats app +18454642820. Presently in USA, Michigan

Mar 19, 2019
Ilets speaking test
by: Anonymous


I am looking for a speaking practice partner. If anyone interested please drop a mail at


Mar 20, 2019
Speaking partner
by: Anonymous

Hi there! Myself Trushang I'm looking for speaking partner here either male or female, I gave ielts twice, I scored well in all 3 modules except speaking,where I got 6.5 bands, hence, I am searching for someone with whom I can practice. My aim is to score 7.5or at least 7.If you would like to approach then reach me at

Thank you!

Mar 27, 2019
Speaking partner
by: kalai


I'm preparing for IELTS test. If anyone interested to have speaking practices with me, kindly let me know.I prefer only females.

Please reply my email id

Skype Name Kalaivani Ravikumar

Mar 28, 2019
Looking for speaking partner
by: Anonymous

Actually, I am looking for people who really interested to speak with me in English.As i got 6 band in Speaking module but i would like to meet some people who are really good in English speaking.If anyone interested for speaking then simply ping me in below given email address.My mail id is

Mar 29, 2019
speaking buddy
by: Anonymous

Hello everyone! I'm looking for a speaking partner too. Anyone who is interested please contact me thru whattsapp mobile no.: 966550143670

Mar 31, 2019


I am preparing for IELTS test scheduled on 13 April 2019. If anybody interested to have speaking practices with me, kindly let me know.

WhatsApp: +8801689736564


Mar 31, 2019
Speaking buddy
by: Anonymous


I am Kamila from the Czech Republic. I will do IELTS in June and I would like to find someone, who wants to improve speaking.

Whatsapp: +420777571111

Apr 01, 2019
Ilets Speaking Partner
by: Anonymous

Hello i am looking an Ielts Speaking Partner
here is my whats app Number

Apr 02, 2019
Speaking partner required
by: Bilal

I need a speaking partner. If anybody is iinterestedmy whatsapp is +923329092620.

Apr 06, 2019
by: Anonymous

hi, am interested in practice speaking with u... it would be a great help

Apr 08, 2019
Ielts speaking partner
by: Isajshareef

I want to practice ielts speaking module ,I’m available at 8.30 pm to 10.30 pm
My watsapp no :7558841277
I’m looking for band 7.

Apr 14, 2019
Ielts partner
by: Sepideh

Hi everybody,
This is Sepideh and i am preparing my self for ielts test on june 2019. I need ielts partner to schedule and practice with each other. If you are intrsted please contact me:

Apr 15, 2019
whatssap group
by: vahid

hi every one , I made an English group on whatsaap which most of the members seeking for their IELTS degree , please fill free to drop me a massage , I will ad your number to this group,

Apr 18, 2019
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am looking for a partner too. I got 6 in a mock exam last week. I am male and prefer to find a female partner with similar (or better) speaking ability of mine.

Please send a message:

Apr 20, 2019
IELTS Speaking and Writing Practice
by: Shail

Hey guys, i have my exam on 9th may 2019, I am looking for someone who had 7score because during my last attempt i had 6.5, so someone can fine tune and let me know my mistakes in speaking and writing.
Whatsapp number is +917503884936
skype shailendra.singh27

Apr 21, 2019
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am looking for a speaking partner. I got a 6.5 in my speaking test 2 weeks ago and I am looking to improve my score to 7.0 above. For those interested, please feel free to contact me on WhatsApp +639159251543. I'm 28, Male, S

Apr 23, 2019
by: Anonymous

Hi friends I am river from Bangladesh.... Want to improve my English speaking skills and pronunciation ... So please help me..

My phone number / Whatsapp number is +88-01701395343


Apr 25, 2019
by: MING

Hey guys, I am working on IELTs of June 29, but my poor spoken English is a real obstacle for me. I appreciate someone whose aim at 7 band score as my partner. All we do is chatting, chatting in English! And I would like to help you, if you want to learn some Chinese.Yeah that is what I do now.

Contact me with email:

Apr 26, 2019
by: Anonymous

Hello, I am appearing to sit for ielts exam in July. Presumably I would have ample of time to excel my level in English. My current level is 6.5. So I am struggling heart and soul to mitigate my weakness from it. Hopefully you will liaise with me to keep us at the same pace to succeed in the forthcoming journey.
0097433133981 what's app

Apr 27, 2019
find an ielts speaking partner
by: Anonymous

I will take the ielts test on 17, May. I am looking for a speaking partner to help to get my ideal band. My English speaking and listening is not good, I got 5 in speaking last time. I want to have someone patient with me. Through more practice, I believe I can get 6 next time.
If anyone interested in chinese culture and willing to help me, please reach me at

Apr 29, 2019
IELTS speaking practice
by: Matt

Hi, I'm Matt from China. Looking for a speaking partner.
This is gonna be my first time to take the IELTS test, so I if anyone got interested, my WhatsApp: +8617647461188

May 02, 2019
speaking partner
by: Can

Hello everyone.My name is Can and i am looking for speaking partner for IELTS. If any one wants to pratices with me. Pls add my whatsapp: +905548172190
skype: coffeedemy_1

May 02, 2019
speaking partner
by: charline

Hi theere !

I'm looking for a speaking partner, as i only got 5.5 at the ielts test and I need a 7 or at least a 6.5

here is my whats'app +33 06 66 92 45 91

feel free to send a text


May 06, 2019
Speaking partner
by: Jannah

Hi.My Name is Jannah and i am looking for speaking partner.
if you want to have practice with me kindly add my skype: nurjaannaah

May 11, 2019
interested in speaking
by: ambili

i am ambili, pursuing masters in nursing in irelad. i would like to join in speaking. my speaking score is fluctuating from 7.5 to 6.5.anybody is intersested contact me on whats app +353 857847789

May 14, 2019
Need speaking partner.
by: Gomes vaidhya

Dear friends,

I'm planning to appear IELTS by next month. Can anyone help me out in my preparation. I'm looking forward to havesome good friends too :-)

Skype :- vaidhyajeeva.10
Whatsapp :- +91 9094766985

May 15, 2019
Looking for female IELTS speaking partner
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have tried to contact Ambily, please provide your WhatsApp number.
Or any females interested to practice IELTS speaking seriously can contact me. WhatsApp : 9074578782

May 16, 2019
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am from india and i am preparing IELTS furthermore, i am going to take Jan 2020 intake to study. If anyone willing to prepare with me via Whatsapp, skype or mail. Just message me

May 21, 2019
Speaking 7 bands
by: Vishal singh

Hello guys, its Vishal here .I scored 7 bands in speaking module .I am going to appear in ielts exam ,the one who is interested to practise his/her communication skill can contact me any time .here is my contact detail
Mobile:- +918696658421*

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by Noor
(Saudi arabia)

Looking for a partner to practice speaking with

female only allowed

my hotmail account

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Feb 22, 2019
by: areena naaz

Assalamualaikum Nora
I would like to practice my English with you
If you are also interested than please do contact me on

Feb 26, 2019
Kindly help me out on my speaking test
by: Anonymous

Hi Nora I will like to practise English speaking with you please contact me on

Mar 02, 2019
by: Anonymous

Assalamualaikum Nora
I want to ask you why just female allowed to practice with you? because I don't know where I can practice and with who.
sorry If my question bother you.
thank you.

my Email:

Apr 16, 2019
I want to have speaking partner
by: Ziyoda

I am going to pass ielts on 23rd of may 2019.And now I need speaking partner,because i want to advance my speaking skills.I am sociable girl,anyone who seriuosly want to be my partner please contact me.My email is **

Apr 22, 2019
I need speaking partner
by: Siddharth

Hello everyone,
I'm Siddharth shah from Gujarat. I need speaking partner for my ielts exam. I will schedule exam in june so if anyone interested then just contact me here.. Whatsapp +918866894165

Apr 22, 2019
seeking for IELTS partner
by: sadegh

I am seeking for an IELTS partner.

my number is:+989141974274

May 04, 2019
looking partner for speaking
by: Hamza

i am looking speaking partner my speaking is after one or two weeks feel free contact me on my whats app +923450771907

May 08, 2019
IELTS speaking and vocab partner
by: Cavad Memmedov

I need a partner to self-study IELTS speaking and to improve a wide range of vocabulary. I am from Azerbaijan.
Skype: cavadarifoglu

May 19, 2019
Speaking partner
by: Sajjad

Hello everyone
Hope you all are have good life
Looking for a partner for speaking preparation.
ielts test will be held on 1st july 2019.
Contact no. 00923445247786

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