House Move

by Isere Victoria

You have recently moved to a different house. Write a letter to an English speaking friend.

In your letter:

- Explain why you have moved
- Describe the new apartment
- Invite him/her to pay a visit

Dear Iz,

its been quite while. How is mum and dad? How about your catty?

I have missed you all since we moved out to our new home. It was inevitable to move as my grannies were coming to leave with us permanently. The old house, as you know, was quite small.

Guess what? The new house is fabulous. It has a large balcony overlooking a very nice well-trimmed golf field. Its a 4-room house with lots of inside and outside space. I now have a room to myself and my kid sister. We have enough space to play without anybody constantly yelling at us to be careful. When you come around, which am very sure you will soon, am sure you will enjoy the space. In other words, am inviting you to come spend the last weekend of summer with us. We will certainly have a lot of fun. I hope you'll come.

Special greeting from Casey. She's staring at me even as i write this.

Always and ever,

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