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Feb 05, 2013
Reply ;)
by: Anonymous

There is some grammatical mistake in your post. Fix that. You can find some very high quality writing material in this website. Read them carefully and deduce yourself.

Feb 07, 2013
IELTS essay types
by: IELTS buddy


It is difficult to answers this question in one post.

One thing I would say to you is don't get bogged down in (confused by) different essay structures and types.

They key thing is studying exactly what the question is asking you and making sure you answer it.

If you also know how to structure a general essay (i.e. introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion) and how to structure a paragraph (topic sentences, supporting ideas, coherency and unity) then you should be ok.

But have a look at the essays on these pages:

Model Essays

Study them and see the various ways you can answer them as that may help.

Good luck

Mar 01, 2013
copy materials
by: lili

hi, thanks a lot for your best site. I want to know if I can copy these materials available on this site and teach in my class or not? thanks

Mar 04, 2013
using materials
by: IELTS buddy


You can certainly copy the materials for use in a class (but not for publication to a website or book obviously).


Mar 18, 2013
by: Khoja

thank u very much it really helped me to imrove my writing essays

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