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Sep 05, 2015
High sales of popular consumer goods
by: IELTS buddy


You are asked your opinion so you would need to decide if you agree, disagree, or partly agree and then give your reasons why.

Here are some example ideas:


If you agree, then you think that people are buying things they do not need because of advertising.

You are best then to just give some examples to support this. For instance, IT products are a good example of this. Explain how people are encouraged by advertising to keep buying the latest mobile phone when their old one still works, thus they don't really need it.

People are also encouraged to buy brand named goods, be they IT products or clothes in order to be fashionable, but do they really need all this?


If you disagree, you could look at the same items, but you would argue that people are not buying them just because of advertising.

People are making their own choices to buy these things because it improves their lives in various ways.

You'd need to explain why they do need them. For example, explaining why it is necessary to have the latest mobile phone.

Partly agree

You could look at both sides of course. In this case you would discuss all the points above, then say what you think.


These are just some suggestions of course. There are other ideas you could look at.

Dec 12, 2015
Possible points to include in the essay would be
by: Anonymous

1) research suggests that people are more inclined to purchase items they are familiar with. Manufacturing companies bank on this by ensuring that they brainwash you with their ads so much so that when are at the store you feel very familiar with the product and nine out of ten times will purchase an item depending upon the advertisement that appealed to you.

2) After watching and hearing about a product for several days and several times a day, the brain cannot distinguish the difference between reality (actually knowing the product) and virtual reality (thinking you know the product).

3) Products that are well propagated especially if they include offers/discounts tend to sell even if they are not immediately required by the consumer.

4) A lot of effort is spent in surveying the sensitive areas of humans and advertisements use this information to their advantage by propagating a weak area and convincing the consumer that they require it. Consumers are easily carried away and it results in the purchase of a whole plethora of items wherein even the packaging will not be touched.

Sep 14, 2016
by: Anonymous

Hi ieltsbuddy,

Last week I gave my exam. I got a very easy topic.

"some people say members of family are more important whilst others say friends are important. whether you agree/disagree. give your opinion".

In 1st para I introduced the essay.secondly I wrote about supported for family.third para I supported friends and finally I supported family as well as friends.

My concern is that, is the structure correct, I supported both views is it correct?

Last exam I got 6.5 so this exam I am worried about my writing :( someone plz suggest.

Sep 14, 2016
by: IELTS buddy

There isn't one 'correct' way of writing an essay as there are various ways you can answer and structure most essays.

Also I think you may have remembered the essay question incorrectly as you wouldn't be asked if you agree or disagree and then asked what is your opinion. You would only have one of those.

But anyway, your answer looks fine as there are two opinions and you discussed them both and you also gave your own opinion.

Of course this does not mean you will get the score you want as you are graded on many things.

Good luck.

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