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Jul 15, 2015
What is your opinion essays
by: IELTS buddy

Hi Sunita,

Giving your opinion

If you are given this type of question it leaves it very much up to you how you approach it in terms of organisation, but if you are ever asked your opinion about something, that automatically means you are being asked whether your agree or disagree with what has been said (or partially agree) and giving the advantages and / or disadvantages.

You are trying to separate all these things out but they are all essentially the same thing.

You will need to state whether you think parents should teach children to hit back at bullies or not.

Your opinion could be they SHOULD NOT teach them to hit back (i.e. agree) and you then give reasons why.

Your opinion could be they SHOULD teach them to hit back (i.e. disagree) and you then give reasons why.

In this way you are explaining the advantages of each approach.

You could of course look at both sides (like a 'discuss both opinions' essay) and then give your opinion on the issue. When you give your opinion you would be saying which side you agreed or disagreed with (or maybe you can see both sides).

In this way you are looking at both sides i.e. the advantages and disadvantages of such a method.

Generating ideas

When you are asked your opinion about something your answer should give REASONS.

So you state what your view is e.g.

"I think parents should encourage their children not to hit bullies back".

Then give your reasons why you think this e.g.

a) Children will grow up to think violence is the solution to things
b) Children could get injured more harshly by the bully if they fight them back

Or visa versa if you disagree.

Regarding the points you made about the possible content for your essay:

a. whether parents should teach or not

- This is not an idea for a paragraph, this is your opinion

b. is it good that parents should teach

- You are just repeating the question. This is what you need to answer: yes or no and give reasons

c. how should parents teach

- No. This would be going off topic. It is not about 'how' to teach it but whether it is a good idea or not and why.

d. or any other methods like teachers teaching at school.

- You could possibly offer alternatives i.e. you say you disagree, explain why, then discuss some better ways.

You can check out a model answer for this type of essay question here:

What is your opinion / view model essay

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