Hunger in the World

by Saqib

In spite of advances made in agriculture, many people around the world still go hungry.

Why is this the case?

What can be done about the problem?

With the advancement of technology in agriculture sector, it is becoming quite easy to grow crops and to achieve maximum yield. The advancement in genetically engineered seeds is out in the market to achieve more yield per acre as compared to the past. In this essay, we will discuss that why poor people are still hungry and what measures can be taken to resolve this global problem?

First of all, the advancement in different vehicles / machinery pertaining to agriculture sector has facilitated a lot in different phases of crop production. Now, a farmer can get benefits from tractors to fertile the land for sowing seeds. When the crop is growing, a tractor equipped with various spraying elements to spray the fertilizers and other sprays to prevent crops from insects. Finally, a harvester is used to harvest the crop on a large scale to save time. There is also a lot of advancement in the field of fertilizers and genetically developed seeds. Seeds are genetically engineered to produce more yield per acre than normal. Moreover, the availability of major resource i.e. water is becoming quite common these days and farmers are taking full advantage of water supply all the time.

But, despite all these advancements in agriculture sector there are some other factors which make it difficult for the poor people in the society to buy fruits, vegetables or wheat grains etc. In Pakistan, one of the major factors is the price which is increasing day by day regardless of the ease in crop production. Another reason to this price escalation is the export of best fruits, vegetables and grains to other countries leaving behind the low-quality commodities in the market. Even though Pakistan is an agricultural country but the export of these fruits, vegetables and grains increases the demand in the local market which in turn increases the prices and make it difficult for the poor people to buy mangoes, apples, dry fruits, vegetables and grains. Apart from this, artificial price hike is also created by storing a large proportion of fruits and vegetables in cold stores in order to increase demand in the market.

Now, in order to resolve this problem in a country like Pakistan, the best way is to control the export by first getting statistics about the demand in our country. The controlled export of these products will maintain a balance between demand and supply in the country and poor people will be able to purchase these products. Secondly, the government should take notice of those merchants who store fruits and vegetables in cold stores to create artificial price hike. Finally, the government in Pakistan should give special incentives to the farmers as a token of encouragement. In this way, we can better control the prices and such basic food items will be in the reach of poor people in the society.

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