IELTS diagram - hydoeletric power station

by Sandy

IELTS diagram-hydoeletric power station

IELTS diagram-hydoeletric power station

The diagram illustrates the working principle of the hydroelectric power plant which could generate electricity. Overall, the process involves various stages beginning with water flowing through different level reservoirs and ending with transmitting electricity through generator to national grid in daytime. By contrast, water is pumped back by turbines in nighttime.

To begin with, it can be seen that water is blocked by a large dam and stored in a reservoir located at higher elevation. In daytime, an intake opened to allow water passing through turbines which could operate the generator producing power to national grid to meet the . After that, water is temporarily retained in a low-level reservoir.

However, in the nighttime, water can be pumped back by a reversible turbines utilizing an alternative power to create the push and then the intake was closed so as to let water infuse to high elevation reservoir again at off-peak hours.


from cambridge 14 test 3 task 1 writing

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