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IELTS Essay: Animal Experimentation

by Samin.A.A

Some people argue that all experimentation on animals is bad and should be outlawed. However, others believe that important scientific discoveries can be made from animal experiments.

Can experimentation on animals be justified? Are there any alternatives?

A number of people believe that animal experimentation should be lawful for scientific studies as it helps to discover beneficial knowledge, while others hold the opposite view and think this is wrong. I think that any kind of experiment on animals is inhumane and scientists should look at other alternatives such as plant-based research instead.

First of all, animal experimentation requires them to undergo severe tests and trials that are harmful to the creature. These beings are put into stressful conditions in order to derive results and gather data on a specific subject. For example, Rabbits and Mice are put into cycling machines to measure how quickly each individual species can perform. Such methods of testing are extremely harmful and do not justify the results no matter how beneficial they are.

In addition, science should focus more on plant-based research as it does not harm the species or exploit natural life. A study conducted by National Planet shows that almost 50% of discoveries can be made while reducing the harm, by switching to the study of plants alternatively.

Although it may not be as effective as experimenting with animals, its benefits still outweigh the drawbacks as millions of lives will be saved worldwide. All of this in turn will promote ethical and sustainable practices.

To conclude, animal experimentation should be made unlawful and scientists should rather switch to plant-based research due to the fact that it results in mistreatment caused to the fauna.

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