IELTS Essay - Artificially Intelligent Robots

by Martin Hanna

Some people believe that eventually all jobs will be done by artificially intelligent robots.

What is your opinion?

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There is no doubt that smart robots are substituting humans in many fields. Although many jobs can be overtaken by robots with human-like intelligence, it is unlikely that occupations that require human interactions can be carried out by smart machines. This essay will explore the reasons why a limited number of jobs will continue to be under humans’ control.

In my opinion, Robots will inevitably be in charge of all the jobs that do not need a special set of skills or deep understanding of human relations. This is due to the fact that robots can be programmed in a way that eliminates or minimizes errors or mistakes that humans usually commit, which certainly leads to a greater productivity. For example, in many construction companies, workers who specialize in laying interlock tiles are being replaced by robotic machines. This does not only increase the accuracy of the work, but it also reduces the occurrence of harmful incidents that accompany such type of activities.

Nevertheless, and despite the advancement of technology and science, there are still occupations that robots will not be able to perform. This is because certain jobs demand an extensive understanding of human behavior in addition to the technical training and knowledge. For instance, in order to diagnose and treat mental or psychological disorders, professionally trained psychiatrists are needed to interact with the patients directly. If, however, robots replaced human psychologists, a tremendous effort will be exerted by programmers to implement constant updates in the robots’ system, which I think is more challenging and less efficient. For these reasons, it is undoubtedly clear that not all professions can be run by artificial intelligence.

In conclusion, robots will most certainly replace humans’ roles in many positions. However, it is in my firm belief that there are multiple jobs that require essential human contact that intelligent robots cannot provide.

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Apr 24, 2018
A current, relevant topic
by: Sabu C.P

As an IELTS instructor am always eager to know what kind of question will be asked to the next IELTS student.

Though question on Robots has come many times in IELTS exam, on AI ( Artificial Intelligent ) is the first time.

Congratulations for suggesting such questions for your valuable visitors

Apr 26, 2018
Artificially Intelligent Robots
by: Anonymous

Very good. It gave more ideas and knowledge.

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