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IELTS Essay - Compulsory Sport at School

by zaid khan

It is generally accepted that exercise is good for children and teenagers. Therefore physical education and sport should be compulsory for all students in all schools.

What is your opinion?

Although physical training is beneficial for children and teenagers alike, making it compulsory for all students in all schools is not a good idea. Rather it is the duty of each and every child's parents to ensure that their children get the required fitness education.

In today's world, there are many types of schools including those for specially abled children where some pupils may not be able participate in sports due to some disability. Also there are a plenty of games that all played today and it is not feasible for any school to train their pupil for every one of them. For the sake of argument, if we make physical education as a mandatory subject in the curriculum then people will next argue which sport to make as obligatory in schools and that will be a never ending debate. Also, each sport has their specific requirements such as hiring qualified trainers, high-end equipment, open spaces, and quality time which would add to the expenses of institutions and shift the focus from their fundamental duty of imparting scholastic knowledge. Rather, It is the duty of each parents and not the schools to facilitate recreational activities for their children.

Every parent should try to encourage their child to be sportive and should try to find which sport interest their child the most. They can then, enroll their offspring to master in his or her favorite play at sport-complexes which are designed for making champions which can never happen in a school. Also some games such as boxing involve a high risk of injury and should only be trained at premises where immediate medical help can be given which again cannot be expected in a school compound.

In conclusion, although sports education is good for a child but it should not be made compulsory in a school. Instead parents should take the responsibility of their child's physical fitness and let schools pay attention on children's curricular activities.

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