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IELTS Essay - Doing Unpaid Work

by ynhirye

Some people think that all teenagers should be required to do unpaid work in their free time to help the local community. They believe this would benefit both the individual teenager and society as a whole.

Do you agree or disagree?

These days, some people believe that teenagers should do unpaid work in their spare time for the benefit of society. I strongly agree with this notion that it is necessary to engage them in voluntary work. This essay will discuss the main points with examples.

To begin with, adolescents who take part in unpaid work would be more responsible to the community. When they are involved with other residents then they come to realize the problems that people deal with everyday like poverty, pollution and many more. Moreover, we all have been affected by the current Covid-19 pandemic and a good many people suffer a loss. As revealed by “ The Voice of Vietnam- VOV”, a volunteer who is against the virus and empathize with mental pain that the patients are going through, he always delivers oxygen and food for people who need it the most. For that reason, volunteering makes students the most responsible citizens of the country.

Furthermore, unpaid work can help children expand their social cycle and soft skills. Because when they participate in an unrewarded job, they will meet different types of people, as they learn from each other myriad skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication and handle difficult situations. For instance, a recent search conducted in Japan has revealed that students who had take part in voluntary work can be more sociable, energetic and also respectful to others. Compared with teenagers that do not do unpaid work, they will become more introverted, idle and listless.

On balance, I believe that youngsters should do unpaid work for social work instead of paying. This is because they are able to learn many crucial skills and are more responsible to society.

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