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IELTS Essay: Importance of University Education

by Gurkiran kaur
(Gurdaspur, Punjab)

Some people think that the best way to succeed in life is to get a university education, while others disagree and say that it is no longer true nowadays.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

While a certain section of society believes that acquiring a university degree is paramount to become successful in life, yet there is some disagreement regarding its importance in this modern era. This essay will discuss both the viewpoints before deducing to the conclusion in my further paragraphs.

To commence with, attaining education from the university or college enables the students to grasp in-depth knowledge about specific subjects. To elaborate it, these students will have the opportunity to understand the background information by engaging in detailed studies and concepts of certain fields, resulting in an increased familiarity and practicability of the ideas. For example, a graduate in business would potentially have stronger hold over the different business terminology and fundamental principles which would assist him/her with enough knowledge to handle any of its applicability in the real world. Ultimately, the graduates tend to qualify for much bigger designations in any organization owing to their information domain. Hence, a university degree, by being added on the resume considerably account for the success of a person. Another key point is that, not only pursuing the education from colleges aids in academic growth, but is also advantageous from the social perspective. As the university going scholars will have more links established and built long-lasting friendships by the time they leave their institutions. In addition, these social circles could undeniably count worthy for their satisfaction at deeper personal and emotional level. Thus, the link between the higher education and success seems significantly fair.

On the other hand, tertiary education is becoming less popular due to the widespread availability of information on the internet, accessible to everyone at their comforts. To explicate, people can now easily learn new skills by signing up to plethora of courses available online. For instance, many youngsters are learning the photo editing courses by paying minimal charges, unlike the universities, and getting paid for their skills. As a result, the considerable shift towards e-education has revolutionized the way people access information and build their careers. This makes them successful irrespective of their academic qualifications. Along with it, web services have various perks for the entrepreneurs as well. To put it another way, individuals with or without degrees can use various tools and platforms such as instagram, facebook or online selling portals for the marketing of products. To exemplify, a famous cloth selling brand named Biba, is being run by its founder on instagram without having in prior knowledge in the business. Thereby, the obligation of having higher studies is no longer a prerequisite condition to excel in life.

In conclusion, although it appears that the popularity of e-learning has paved new ways of becoming successful, I believe that the idea of having a university study is of far greater significance for succeeding both professionally and personally.

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