IELTS Essay - Improving Living Standards

by Marosa

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Many countries aim to improve their living standard by economic development, but some important social values are lost as a result.

Do you think the advantages of economic development outweigh the disadvantages?

It is argued that in course of economic growth some essential social values get damaged, despite an increase in quality of life. Since the beginning of human history people have adopted a goal to have a wealthier and happier life. However, these two do not always come together and sometimes they even contradict each other. In the next two paragraphs of this essay I shall discuss pros and cons of economic development from perspective of social values.

Benefits of economic progress are undeniable for many reasons. Firstly, common welfare is one of the indicators of humans' satisfaction. From my own observations, I can tell that people are happier and more proactive during times of economic prosperity, compared to the period of the financial crisis, such as the Global Crisis of 2008. Secondly, there is a direct link between poverty rates and frequency of law breaches. For example, as per official statistics of New York Police, Bronx has been recognized to be both one of the poorest and the most criminal counties of the city.

From the other hand, while chasing material benefits people often forget about social and humanistic values. In other words, the more emphasize people make on earning money, the less attention they pay to social aspects of life. It is a usual practice for those living in urban areas to gradually replace human interaction with more and more hours spent at work. As a result, they become antisocial and serve a poor example to the younger generation, forming an ever-evolving cycle. Various studies have shown that people, who live in metropolitan areas are more depressed, than those living in smaller towns.

To conclude, every issue has more than one sides and this matter is not an exception either. However, after consideration of both advantages and disadvantages of the influence that economic development has on the social part of our lives, I can state that in my opinion the benefits overweigh drawbacks.

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