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IELTS Essay: Increase in Travel

by annie

Today more people are travelling than ever before.

Why is this the case?

What are the benefits of travelling for the traveller?

In the past animals were being used to travel which made the whole process quite difficult. However, at present majority of the individuals are travelling because of the new updated facilities being provided which made transport quite convenient and at the same time it provided an affordable package as well. In addition, the population is also being benefited as the method of travelling are being rapidly developed and comfortable along with the attracted packages providing them with an opportunity to discover a new place and interact with an individual with completely different tradition and along with that they can also enjoy tourism with cheaper flights as many affordable packages are currently present.

To commence with, as with the development in technology made life much more easier than before, there is also a huge impact of it on transport as the population with average salary are given cheaper packages in order to enjoy their journey with their family. Similarly the workers in most of the field are being provided with a chance to travel abroad in order to represent their companies, which is quite helpful for them professionally and personally.

Furthermore, there are many advantages of travelling like an individual can learn a foreign language, interact with other people of different cultures and tradition.Moreover, they can practice a foreign language and experience a totally different journey along with that they willbe also able to discover a new place

To conclude, though only a few used to travel in the past due to less services being provided to them but recently a huge number of individuals are ready to go to a new place and travel for long hours in order to reach their desired goals

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