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IELTS Essay - Money and Happiness

by Vedant

Many people think that money is important for achieving happiness.

What importance does money have regarding happiness?

Money has to be on top of that list among all the vital needs a person requires to survive in this cruel world. Nowadays, leading a happy life and having a stable bank balance more or less mean the same. This essay will cover some of the key areas like management of family expenses and a better standard of living being dependent on the person’s monetary strength.

When it comes to managing the expenses of a family, one aspect that adults never fail to overlook is a stable bank balance. Not only it helps their children in their adult life, but also it becomes equally crucial for their early development. Aiding children to develop their minds as well as motor skills, parents prefer sending children to playschools. Such schools which are based in big cities like Bangalore charge even more than the regular schools. While having a stable financial condition is crucial for early development, it becomes equally important for children to get a quality education from the most sophisticated institutes possible. One reason for this can be the role that educational background plays during the recruitment process in any field whether in the corporate world or the public sector. Therefore, having a secure future keeps both the children and their parents relaxed and satisfied in the future.

Not only does having strong financial support help in acquiring a good education and thus, a stable life thereafter, but also it helps in having a good standard of living. Earning a moderate salary in these modern times doesn’t guarantee a healthy environment to live in. Nowadays, be it the main city or the countryside, affording spacious accommodation doesn’t come without taking a toll on one’s bank balance. Besides having a safe space to live in, one cannot ignore looking after one’s health which comes at a cost since the recent explosion on social media with regards to fitness. For example, gym memberships, supplements for nutrients absent in regular diets, etc do not come cheap. Therefore, money has become a significant asset to living a happy, healthy and content life these days.

Overall, from the point where a person starts living to the point where he ceases to exist, money controls more or less every aspect of life. Therefore, every possible privilege that a person can imagine in today’s world cannot be achieved without a strong monetary state.

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