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IELTS Essay: Motivation to Stay in the Workforce

by storm

There are several factors that motivate people to stay in the workforce, and money is the most important.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

There are lots of factor that impel peoples stay in the workforce where salary is the main reason for it. Well, I disagree with this point and I believe and think that job satisfaction is much more important than money this essay will explain why is that.

First of all, I believe that job satisfaction can give a person fulfillness whereas money can not guarantee that. Even if a person gets highly payment for his job however it does not bring happiness for him. He feels stressed and compromise his consciousness for his job. That person will be in depression and end up leaving that job sooner or later cause it does not bring any enthusiasm towards the job, he is doing it just to sake for the salary.

Secondly, when you have freedom and like what you do it keeps you motivated and leads you to career growth. Its is said that those love their job they can easily excel in their field or work than who puts salary in their job first. For example, I love what I do for living which gives me urge to do more and more but the salary is not as it expected but there are lots opportunities and facilities which helps me do my task easily. On the other hand, my friends work for a company where she gets highly pay for her job but she is not happy what she does in the end. She is doing the job because of the money. She stays depressed most of the time because of the job and she think about leaving it.

In conclusion, I strongly believe job satisfaction is more important and essential than money. Job satisfaction gives better career growth and happiness.

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