IELTS Essay - Necessity of Mobile Phones for Children

by Lalarukh

The dangers and complexities of the modern world have made the mobile phone an absolute necessity for children.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

These days, there is an ongoing debate between people about how mobile phone have become a need for children due to the intense situation of the new era. While some people still argue that mobile phone have become an absolute need of a child, in my view, the disadvantages of mobile phone outweigh the advantages. In this essay i will explain my point of view by analysing both sides.

These are several reason that i believe have cause more harm to children of keeping mobile phone then giving them benefit. Firstly, children spend much more time on cellphones rather than participating in other activities. It takes away precious time of sports and other recreational activities. Also, it affects the eye sight of the children. Many studies have shown that children who spend much more time on mobile phone have weak eye sight and thus end up wearing sight glasses at a very young age.

Moreover, the more children spend time on mobile phone, the less exposure they have of the outer world. This reduces self confidence in children while dealing with people and socialising on a larger extent. From my personal experience, i would quote about my niece, who at a very young age have been given mobile phone. She spends majority of her time on games due to which she interacts less with the people around.

Lastly, the use of mobile phone have damaged the mind of many children. The unnecessary or wrong use have made children exposed to certain objectionable things at a very young age. For example, there exist many application that are not for children under 18 years, but with mobile phone, children do have easy access to it.

Now those who argue that due to the danger in the modern world have resulted the use of mobile phones claims that for the purpose of security it have become basic necessity. With fast moving education system, children have academies, schools and universities to go so with the help of mobile phone there remains a constant communication between the parent and a child.

While, there is strong opinion on both sides of the case in my opinion, children still must be given mobile phone until a certain age. I would recommend that for the purpose of security due to the danger presiding in the outside world, the use of mobile phone can be allowed only in the hours of school, college etc or during travelling. Also, a strict check must be kept by the parents on usage of mobile phone .

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